PAN Verification Online / Know Your PAN

Income Tax PAN Verification

PAN Verification facility is provided on the website of the Income Tax Department and one can know/ verify the details of Permanent Account Number (PAN). This facility is knows as “PAN Verification” or “Know Your PAN”. Using this facility, PAN of individuals and other PAN holders like firm, company, etc. can be verified. To access this facility, visit the below link:

PAN Verification or Know Your PAN Facility

To verify / know the PAN details, one has to provide basic details of the PAN holder which cover Date of Birth / Date of Incorporation and surname / middle name / first name of the PAN holder.

If the details provided match with the database of the Income-tax Department, the PAN with the respective details will be displayed along with the name and jurisdiction of the PAN holder. The status of the PAN, i.e., whether active or not will also be displayed.

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