Pay PF Dues to International Workers before leaving India: EPFO Instructions

EPFO Instructions for Payment of PF and other dues/ withdrawal benefit under Pension Scheme (EPS) on or before the date of leaving service to International Workers/ Foreign Expats

EPFO had earlier issued Instructions dt. 1 Nov. 2016 that PF and pension dues should be paid to PF members on the date of retirement. Accordingly, to facilitate International Workers, the EPFO has issued specific instructions/ process for payment of PF/ EPS dues on the date of retirement or before leaving service in India, as under:

1. The employer should make payment of contribution of retiring International Workers with in first three days of the month in which the said member is retiring, through separate ECR.

2. The employer should submit the claim forms in respect of such International Workers complete in all respect in the concerned PF office by 6th of the month in which such member is leaving service.

3. The RPFC/ OIC of the concerned PF office shall ensure settlement of such retirement claims and credit the settlement amount to the member’s account on the date of leaving service in India to the bank account maintained in India.

4. In case the International Worker desires interest on the settlement amount for the month of retirement also, the PF Claim settlement amount be credited to the member’s account on the first day of the next month.

5. Necessary provision is being made by EPFO in the software for processing of claim before exit of such International Workers from service in India.

EPFO has insisted that concerned Officers In charge (OIC) of field offices shall ensure that the above instructions are implemented fully to ensure that the International Worker so retiring/ leaving India gets their PF dues/ amount in bank account maintained in India, before leaving India.

Pay PF Dues to International Workers before leaving India: EPFO Circular dt. 23 Mar. 2017

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