EPFO procedure for Merger of Duplicate UANs allotted to same EPF members

EPFO Prescribes Procedure/ Plan for Merger of Duplicate UANs allotted to same EPF members

The EPFO has prescribed procedure and plan for Deactivation or Merger of Duplicate UANs erroneously allotted to same EPF members in certain special circumstances, as under:

EPFO Circular No. R-I/P-20/UAN/2014/Vol.II/pt./509/16046 dt. 21 Sept. 2016

1. It is noted that in some cases, though Universal Account Numbers have been allotted legitimately i.e. under the prescribed criteria, interventions are necessitated clue to following reasons:-

a) At the time of initial allotment, the employer has not furnished the date of exit in the ECR although the member has left the employment and joined some other establishment. Under the defined criteria, two UANs have resulted to such members for both the employments.

b) At the time of joining the present employment, a new UAN has been allotted to the member due to wrong declaration by member/ employer under UAN programme.

2. The matter has been examined and it has been decided that in case of duplicate UANs issued to one EPF member as mentioned above, the following solutions are detailed below:

i) The members should be advised to apply for P.F. transfer from previous EPF account to the present EPF account.

ii) The system would identify such cases on periodic basis where the P.F. transfer has been effected from one EPF account to another, both having different UANs attached to these EPF accounts.

iii) All such identified UANs, from which P.F. transfer has been effected to P.F. account having different UAN, would be deactivated (the mobile number would be released by the system for use by the member) and UAN would be blocked for further use. This would be done in respect of all identified UANs even when no request has been received from the member.

iv) The previous member ID would henceforth be linked to the new UAN.

v) The member would be informed of the deactivated status of his previous UAN in case of activated UANs by SMS to the registered mobile number. He would be requested to activate the new UAN to get the updated status of his EPF account.

vi) There is a possibility of arrears payments by the previous employer for the member. In such cases, since the system knows the new UAN against the deactivated UAN, the system would automatically populate the new UAN in the ECR (on punching of previous UAN or member ID by the employer) and the statutory contribution by the employer against the arrears can be remitted against new UAN only.

3. It is requested that the above process may be informed to the employers and EPF members, in case there are cases of multiple UANs allotted to same EPF members.

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