Piyush Goyal asks India’s Chartered Accountants to ‘Go Global’: ICAI Convocation 2022

Shri Piyush Goyal, Union Minister, called on India’s Chartered Accountants to ‘Go Global’, i.e. to make their firms global level companies. He spoke at ICAI’s Convocation 2022 in New Delhi.

The Minister called Chartered Accountancy one of the world’s noblest professions and said a CA’s signature on a document endorsed its veracity, integrity, and truthfulness. Shri Goyal praised ICAI’s global footprint of 168 branches, 47 countries, and 77 centres. The Minister congratulated ICAI on opening 100 centres worldwide and asked it to expand to South America.

Piyush Goyal asks India's Chartered Accountants to 'Go Global': ICAI Convocation 2022

The Minister emphasised that CAs must always promote inclusive growth, so that nobody is left behind as we develop. We must include everyone, even the most marginalised, he said. Even the least privileged have the right to a better quality of life, and CAs must promote inclusive development to secure these rights, the Minister said.

Shri Goyal said CAs are among the most talented people India has produced. He said he’s confident India’s CAs will meet their countrymen’s and the world’s expectations.

Shri Goyal asked young CAs to explore entrepreneurship alongside auditing, accounting, and management consulting. He urged Chartered Accountancy Bodies of India to engage more with ‘naari shakti’ or women’s power to make ICAI stronger and more inclusive.

The Minister spoke of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Panch Pran’ as India celebrated 75 years of independence and said these principles must guide us during the next 25 years leading up to India’s 100th anniversary of independence. Chartered Accountants must also take these 5 vows, he said.

The Minister asked Chartered Accountants to bridge the gap between rural and urban India, developing and developed India, rich and poor, investors and entrepreneurs to help India become developed by 2047. Shri Goyal said PM Modi spoke about removing colonial mindset from daily life. The Minister said we must reject colonialism in several areas and become more modern.

The Minister asked young people to be proud of India’s rich history, traditions, heritage, culture, vasudhaiva kutumbakam, and commitment to nature and sustainability. Shri Goyal said India has always believed in sustainability and leaving a better planet than we inherited. He noted India’s commitment to intergenerational equity.

The Minister said India must present a united face to the world, citing PM Modi’s call for unity. He asked for unity among professionals and organisations. Shri Goyal noted India’s pride, unity, and diversity. He said the country’s CAs promoted national integration.

Shri Goyal mentioned PM Modi’s emphasis on ‘kartavya’ or duty and said the ‘Chartered Accountant’s Oath’ embodied this concept. “The oath emphasises excellence, ethics, honesty, independence, confidentiality, and integrity. It aims for a corruption-free India, corporate governance, and efficient use of the nation’s resources, the Minister said. He praised the oath’s emphasis on humility, respect, and societal needs.


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