PM distributes 71000 Appointment Letters of Government Jobs

In the Rozgar Mela, PM Modi has distributed 71,000 appointment letters of government jobs to newly recruited officials in different departments and organisations.

Today, around 71,000 appointment letters were handed out via video conferencing by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, to newly recruited official for working with various government departments and organizations. The Prime Minister has made it clear that the creation of new jobs is one of his top priorities, and the Rozgar Mela is a step in the right direction toward making that goal a reality. It is expected that the Rozgar Mela will be a turning point for the job prospects of the future generations. It will also give young people important chances to become more independent and help build the country.

PM distributes 71000 Appointment Letters of Government Jobs in Rojgar Mela  (January 2023)

During the event, the Prime Minister also talked with the people who had been given jobs.

Ms. Suprabha Biswas, originally from West Bengal, was the first person to have a conversation with the Prime Minister. She had just received her recruitment letter from the Punjab National Bank. She expressed her gratitude to the Prime Minister for the swift completion of the necessary paperwork for the appointment as well as the chance to serve in this capacity. Additionally, the Prime Minister inquired about her continued academic pursuits. She spoke in detail about her involvement with the iGOT module and touched on the advantages of using it. In addition, Shri Modi inquired about the use of digital transactions at her workplace. The Prime Minister voiced his delight at the news that the girls have made significant advancements across the board.

Mr. Faisal Shaukat Shah from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, who was recently hired as a Junior Assistant in NIT, Srinagar, got to talk to the Prime Minister. During their conversation, Mr. Shah revealed that he is the first member of his family to be hired by the government. The Prime Minister questioned him about the effect his appointment on his mentors/peers. Faisal reported to the Prime Minister that a number of his acquaintances have been considering applying for jobs in the government/administration. In addition to that, he discussed the merits of the iGOT Module. The Prime Minister expressed his belief that hardworking young people like Faisal from Jammu and Kashmir will succeed in achieving new levels of success. Additionally, he encouraged the newly appointed young person to never stop gaining knowledge.

Ms. Vahnei Chong, who hails from Manipur, was just given her employment letter to work as a nursing officer at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Guwahati. She stated that working in the medical field in the Northeast was her ultimate career goal. She, like many others, is the first person from her family to be appointed to a position in the government. The Prime Minister questioned her about the challenges she had encountered during the selection process, if there were any, and also invited her to share her experience with the group. In addition to that, she expressed her desire to keep expanding her knowledge. She also discussed the importance of raising awareness and educating oneself on the policies governing sexual harassment in the workplace. The Prime Minister extended his congratulations to her on her new position in the Northeast region and reaffirmed the government’s dedication to the advancement of that area in his remarks.

The appointment letter for Shri Raju Kumar, a Divyang from Bihar, to the position of Junior Engineer in the Indian Eastern Railways was delivered to him. A Divyang by the name of Raju described his journey and expressed his aspiration to progress further in life. In addition to that, he discussed the assistance he received from his family and colleagues. Raju has completed eight different Karmyogi Prarambh courses, and he has derived a great deal of value from the training that focuses on stress management and ethical behavior. He informed the Prime Minister that he intends to submit an application for the UPSC Civil Services Exam. The Prime Minister extended his best wishes to him.

The appointment letter for Kannamala Vamsi Krishna, who hails from Telangana and will be working as a management trainee at Coal India Ltd. The new trainee narrated his journey and thanked the Prime Minister for hosting the Rozgar Mela. The Prime Minister took note of the tireless efforts and challenges faced by the new trainee’s parents. Kannamala Vamsi Krishna agreed that the module was very helpful, particularly due to the fact that it can be accessed on mobile devices. Shri Modi wished him well and hoped he would continue to advance professionally.

PM Modi addressed the crowd and said that this is the first Rozgar Mela of 2023, which brings the priceless gift of employment into the fold of the government for 71,000 families. The Prime Minister congratulated the newly appointed officials and emphasised that the availability of these job opportunities will bring new hope not only to the newly appointed officials’ lives, but also to the lives of crores of families. As a result of the regular organisation of Rozgar Melas in NDA-ruled states and Union Territories, the Prime Minister revealed that in the coming days, lakhs of new families will be assigned to government positions. He informed them that just yesterday, the state government of Assam had organised a Rozgar Mela, and that other states such as Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Uttarakhand are planning to organise it very soon. According to statements made by the Prime Minister, “regular Rozgar Melas have become a mark of this government.” “They prove that whatever resolution is taken by this government gets realized.”

The Prime Minister stated that he could plainly see happiness and contentment on the faces of the newly appointed individuals, and he noted that the majority of these candidates come from ordinary backgrounds, and many of them are the first members of their family to get a job in the government in at least five generations. The Prime Minister stated that this is more than just getting a job in the government. The candidates are overjoyed that their abilities have been recognised in a way that has been open, honest, and straightforward throughout the recruitment process. You must have noticed a significant shift in how the recruitment process was handled. According to the Prime Minister, “the recruiting procedure for key jobs has been more streamlined and is now subject to time limits.”

According to statements made by the Prime Minister, the openness and rapidity of today’s recruitment procedure are characteristic of every area of the operation of the government in today’s society. Shri Modi recalls a time when even ordinary promotions were subject to delays and disagreements about who should get the promotion. He stated that such difficulties have been handled by this government, and that they have ensured a transparent procedure. According to what he had to say, “transparent recruitment and promotion promote trust among the youth.”

The Prime Minister emphasised the contributions and partnerships that those individuals will make by being a part of the government machinery in the process of the nation’s development while also noting that it is the beginning of a new journey for those individuals who received their appointment letters today. He said that this day marks the beginning of a new journey for those individuals. He pointed out that many new appointees will be dealing with the general public as direct representatives of the government, and that these interactions will, in their own unique ways, have an influence. The Prime Minister made the remark that a similar motto of ‘citizen is always right’ should be applied in administration, drawing a parallel to the adage that is commonly used in the world of commerce and industry, which states that the customer is always right. “This fosters and strengthens a sense of service attitude,” the Prime Minister said, noting that when one is appointed to the government fold, it is referred to as “government service” rather than a job. He also emphasised the delight that may be experienced by serving the 140 crore citizens of India and stated that it has a positive impact on the people. He claimed that this has a positive impact on people.

The Prime Minister stated, in reference to the large number of government employees who are currently enrolled in online courses offered through the iGOT Karmyogi platform, that in addition to formal training, this platform offers several courses for personal growth. He stated that the current generation has the option to learn on their own through the use of technology. Shri Modi used himself as an example and explained that he has never let the student within him give up the fight. He said that having a self-learning attitude would improve not only the skills of the student, but also the skills of the student’s institutions and India as a whole.

In a statement, Shri Modi stated, “In India’s fast-changing economy, prospects for employment and self-employment are continually improving.” Rapid growth results in a dramatic increase in the number of options for people to work for themselves. “This is being played out in India in the present day.”

A comprehensive strategy for the expansion of the country’s infrastructure has resulted in the creation of tens of thousands of new job openings over the course of the previous eight years, as stated by the Prime Minister. He illustrated his point with the example of a Rs 100 lakh crore investment in infrastructure, emphasising how the construction of a new road creates job opportunities along its path. The Prime Minister noted that new markets appear along the periphery of new roads or railway lines, which not only make the movement of food grains from the farm to the field a lot simpler but also give rise to tourism in the area. The Prime Minister went on to say that “all of these possibilities give rise to employment opportunities.”

The Prime Minister referred to the Bharat-Net project, which aims to provide broadband access in each and every hamlet, and he stressed the new employment prospects that will become available once this connectivity is implemented. According to the Prime Minister, the benefits of technology are understood by even individuals who are not particularly tech-savvy. This has created a new opportunity for business in the form of the provision of online services in rural areas. Shri Modi also made mention of the thriving startup environment in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and stated that the success of these startups has given young people all over the world a new identity.

The Prime Minister praised the journey and efforts of the appointees and congratulated them on receiving the opportunity to serve the people of the country. He also urged them to remember what got them here and requested that they continue learning and serving the people of the country. The Prime Minister decided that people “should study and get the skills they need to move the country forward.”


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