Procedure for Exports using e-commerce thru Post Office under MEIS Scheme

CBEC’s Procedure for exports through Foreign Post Offices (FPO) at Delhi/ Mumbai/ Chennai using e-commerce platform under MEIS Scheme

CBEC has prescribed a procedure for filing of Postal Bill of Export (PBE) to make export of goods sold through e-commerce from Foreign Post Offices (FPOs) at Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. Any exporter holding a valid Import-Export Code shall be permitted to export goods sold through ecommerce through these FPOs after filing PBE in the prescribed format.

The exporter shall be required to attach the invoice(s) with the PBE and to provide specific details of the e-commerce transaction in the PBE, namely:

(a) URL of the website through which goods have been sold;

(b) the “stock keeping unit” (SKU) number as a reference link to the sale through e-commerce on the website; and

(c) payment transaction reference number corresponding to the payment received through international credit card / debit card for the sale made on the website.

The declaration for claiming of benefit under MEIS shall be made by the exporter on the PBE. Every PBE shall be filed in duplicate and shall cover only one consignor and up to ten consignees. In other words, a maximum of 10 shipments can be effected using a single Postal Bill of Export.

The PBE along with goods shall be presented to the Customs at the Foreign Post Office. The PBE shall be processed manually. Upon processing of the PBE by Customs, the goods shall be presented to the Postal department, who will acknowledge receipt of the shipment on the PBE and affix the tracking number of each shipment on the same. Upon affixation of the tracking number by postal authorities, the PBE shall be brought back to the Proper Officer for grant of “Let Export Order”. For further details and format of PBE, refer below:

CBEC Circular No. 36/2016-Customs dt. 29 July, 2016

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