RBI Instructions reg. Indelible Ink on Finger of customers Exchanging Old Currency

RBI’s Instructions/ Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Banks for putting indelible ink on the index finger of Right Hand of the customers exchanging old currency Notes

 Circular: RBI/2016-17/133 DCM (Plg) No.1280/10.27.00/2016-17 dt. 15 Nov. 2016

In line with GOI decision of putting indelible ink on the finger of customers exchanging old currency Notes, the RBI has put in place necessary instructions/ SOP for banks for over the counter exchange of old currency notes, as under:

i) While exchanging the SBNs, the concerned bank branch and post offices would put indelible ink mark on the right index finger of the customer so as to identify that he/she has exchanged the old currency notes only once.

ii) The indelible ink would be supplied to the bank/post offices by IBA in coordination with the banks and consultation with RBI.

iii) This procedure would be introduced to begin with in the metro cities and expanded to other areas later.

iv) Each bank branch will be provided with black indelible ink bottles of 5 ml each. The cap of the bottle includes a small brush for applying the ink.

v) The indelible ink can be applied by the cashier or any other official designated by the bank before the notes are given to the customer so that while the exchange of notes is taking place, a few seconds elapse which will allow the ink to dry up and prevent removal of ink.

vi) Indelible ink on the index finger of the left hand or any other finger of the left hand may not be used as a pretext to deny exchange of old notes.

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