RBI List of Central Auditors (CSAs) for 12 PSU Banks: FY 2022-23

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has published a list of Chartered Accountants (CA) Firms that have been approved to be appointed as ‘Central Statutory Auditors (CSAs)’ for the audit of 12 Public Sector (PSU) Banks for the financial year 2022-23.

The list comprises the names of the CA firms that have been appointed by the RBI after a rigorous selection process based on their experience, expertise, and track record in conducting audits of PSU banks.

RBI’s List of Central Statutory Auditors (CSAs) for Banks as a whole (FY 2022-23)

List of CA Firms Appointed by RBI as Central Statutory Auditors (CSAs) of 12 Public Sector (PSU) Banks for FY 2022-23

Name of PSU BankNames of CSAs (CA Firms) for FY 2022-23Tenure in FY 2022-23 (in years)
1Bank of Baroda1. M/s R Devendra Kumar & Associates, Mumbai (FRN: 114207W)3rd
2. M/s Vyas & Vyas, Mumbai (FRN:000590C)3rd
3. M/s Dassani & Associates, Indore (FRN:009096C)3rd
4. M/s Khandelwal Jain & Co., Mumbai (FRN: 105049W)1st
5. S Venkatram & Co. LLP, Chennai (FRN: 004656S)1st
2Bank of India1. M/s V Sankar Aiyar & Co., Mumbai (FRN: 109208W)3rd
2. M/s Laxmi Tripti & Associates, Bhopal (FRN: 009189C)3rd
3. M/s Mukund M Chitale & Co., Mumbai (FRN:106655W)2nd
3Bank of Maharashtra1. M/s Rodi Dabir & Co., Nagpur (FRN: 108846W)3rd
2. M/s S Bhandari & Co. LLP, Jaipur (FRN: 000560C)2nd
3. M/s Kirtane & Pandit LLP, Pune (FRN: 105215W)1st
4. M/s Sundaram & Srinivasan, Chennai (FRN: 004207S)1st
4Canara Bank1. M/s N K Bhargava & Co., New Delhi (FRN: 000429N)3rd
2. M/s Rao & Emmar, Bengaluru (FRN: 003084S)3rd
3. M/s P A & Associates, Bhubaneswar (FRN: 313085E)2nd
4. M/s Sarath & Associates, Hyderabad (FRN: 005120S)2nd
5. M/s Arun K Agarwal & Associates, New Delhi (FRN: 003917N)2nd
5Central Bank of India1. M/s Chhajed & Doshi, Mumbai (FRN: 101794W)3rd
2. M/s A S K A & Co. (formerly known as Ambekar Shelar Karve & Ambardekar), Mumbai (FRN: 122063W)3rd
3. M/s Kishore & Kishore, Lucknow (FRN: 000291N)2nd
4. M/s A R & Co., New Delhi (FRN: 002744C)1st
6Indian Bank1. M/s P K F Sridhar & Santhanam LLP, Chennai (FRN: 003990S)3rd
2. M/s G Natesan & Co., Chennai (FRN: 002424S)3rd
3. M/s S A R C & Associates, New Delhi (FRN: 006085N)2nd
4. M/s Kailash Chand Jain & Co., Mumbai (FRN: 112318W)1st
5. M/s S Singhal & Co., Jaipur (FRN: 001526C)1st
7Indian Overseas
1. M/s S N Nanda & Co., New Delhi (FRN: 000685N)3rd
2. M/s Yoganandh & Ram LLP, Chennai (FRN: 005157S)3rd
3. M/s S N Kapur & Associates, Lucknow (FRN: 001545C)2nd
4. M/s Nandy Halder & Ganguli, Kolkata (FRN: 302017E)2nd
8Punjab & Sind Bank1. M/s Ghiya & Co, Jaipur (FRN: 001088C)3rd
2. M/s Shiv & Associates, New Delhi (FRN: 009989N)3rd
3. M/s Manohar Chowdhary & Associates, Chennai (FRN: 001997S)2nd
4. M/s Chaturvedi & Co., Kolkata (FRN: 302137E)2nd
9Punjab National
1. M/s S N Dhawan & Co. LLP, New Delhi (FRN: 000050N)3rd
2. M/s S R Goyal & Co., Jaipur (FRN: 001537C)3rd
3. M/s P S M G & Associates, New Delhi (FRN: 008567C)3rd
4. M/s S C Bapna & Associates, Mumbai (FRN: 115649W)2nd
5. M/s D K Chhajer & Co., Kolkata (FRN: 304138E)2nd
10State Bank of India1. M/s A S A & Associates LLP, New Delhi (FRN: 009571N)3rd
2. M/s Guha Nandi & Co., Kolkata (FRN: 302039E)3rd
3. M/s Prem Gupta & Co., New Delhi (FRN: 000425N)3rd
4. M/s Talati & Talati LLP, Ahmedabad (FRN: 110758W)2nd
5. M/s V Singhi & Associates, Kolkata (FRN: 311017E)2nd
6. M/s Suri & Co., Chennai (FRN: 004283S)2nd
7. M/s M C Bhandari & Co., Kolkata (FRN: 303002E)2nd
8. M/s K C Mehta & Co., Vadodara (FRN: 106237W)2nd
9. M/s Gokhale & Sathe, Mumbai (FRN: 103264W)1st
10. M/s M K Aggarwal & Co., New Delhi (FRN: 001411N)1st
11. M/s Ravi Rajan & Co. LLP, New Delhi (FRN: 009073N)1st
12. M/s J L N U S & Co., Vadodara (FRN: 101543W)1st
11UCO Bank1. M/s R Gopal & Associates, Kolkata (FRN: 000846C)3rd
2. M/s Khandelwal Kakani & Co., Indore (FRN: 001311C)3rd
3. M/s S K Agrawal and Co. LLP, Kolkata (FRN: 306033E)3rd
4. M/s Ghoshal & Ghosal, Kolkata (FRN: 304013E)3rd
12Union Bank of India1. M/s R G N Price & Co., Chennai (FRN: 002785S)3rd
2. M/s Sarda & Pareek, LLP, Mumbai (FRN: 109262W)3rd
3. M/s C R Sagdeo & Co., Nagpur (FRN: 108959W)3rd
4. M/s P V A R & Associates, New Delhi (FRN: 005223C)3rd
5. M/s Gopal Sharma & Co., Jaipur (FRN: 002803C)3rd
6. M/s N B S & Co., Mumbai (FRN: 110100W)2nd

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