RBI List of Central Statutory Auditors (CSAs) of 21 PSU Banks Appointed for FY 2018-19

RBI has published the List of Chartered Accountants (CA) Firms which have been appointed as ‘Central Statutory Auditors (CSAs)’ for audit of 21 Public Sector (PSU) Banks for the Financial Year (FY) 2018-19, vide Announcement dt. 31 Dec. 2018.

In other words, RBI has completed the process for appointment of Central Statutory Auditors for 21 PSU Banks, i.e. Auditors for Bank as a whole have been appointed for FY 2018-19 in respect of Allahabad Bank, Andhra Bank, Bank of Baroda (BOB), Bank of India (BOI), Bank of Maharashtra (BOM), Canara Bank, Central Bank of India (CBI), Corporation Bank, Dena Bank, IDBI Bank, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab & Sind Bank (PSB), Punjab National Bank (PNB), State Bank of India (SBI), Syndicate Bank, UCO Bank, Union Bank of India, United Bank of India and Vijaya Bank.

Sl. No.Name of the BankStatutory Central Auditors for the year 2018-19
1Allahabad Bank1. M/s Nandy Halder & Ganguli, Kolkata
2. M/s P L Tandon & Co., Kanpur
3. M/s R Gopal & Associates, Kolkata
4. M/s J B M T & Associates, Bhubaneswar
5. M/s Prakash S Jain & Co., Indore
2Andhra Bank1. M/s Agarwal & Saxena, Kanpur
2. M/s Ray & Co., Kolkata
3. M/s Santosh Gupta & Co., Mumbai
4. M/s G S Madhava Rao & Co., Hyderabad
3Bank of Baroda (BOB)1. M/s Kalyaniwalla & Mistry LLP, Mumbai
2. M/s Singhi & Co., Kolkata
3. M/s G M Kapadia & Co., Mumbai
4. M/s S R Dinodia & Co. LLP, New Delhi
4Bank of India (BOI)1. M/s N B S & Co., Mumbai
2. M/s Banshi Jain & Associates, Mumbai
3. M/s Chaturvedi & Co., Kolkata
5Bank of Maharashtra (BOM)1. M/s P Parikh & Associates, Mumbai
2. M/s M D Gujrati & Co., New Delhi
3. M/s P G Bhagwat, Pune
4. M/s K Gopal Rao & Co., Chennai
6Canara Bank1. M/s Dagliya & Co., Bengaluru
2. M/s Komandoor & Co. LLP, Hyderabad
3. M/s D K Chhajer & Co., Kolkata
4. M/s S N K & Co., Surat
7Central Bank of India1. M/s S K Mehta & Co., New Delhi
2. M/s Borkar & Muzumdar, Mumbai
3. M/s Mukund M Chitale & Co., Mumbai
4. M/s A A J V and Associates, New Delhi
8Corporation Bank1. M/s Datta Singla & Co., Chandigarh
2. M/s A K Sabat & Co., Bhubaneshwar
3. M/s Pramod & Associates, Jaipur
4. M/s Chandran & Raman, Chennai
5. M/s S Ramanand Aiyar & Co., New Delhi
9Dena Bank1. M/s Ramesh C Agrawal & Co., New Delhi
2. M/s Kailash Chand Jain & Co., Mumbai
3. M/s A B P & Associates, Bhubaneshwar
4. M/s Sarda & Pareek, Mumbai
10IDBI Bank1. M/s J L N U S & Co., Vadodara
2. M/s K S Aiyar & Co., Mumbai
3. M/s M P Chitale & Co., Mumbai
11Indian Bank1. M/s Gandhi Minocha & Co., New Delhi
2. M/s P A M S & Associates, Bhubaneshwar
3. M/s M Thomas & Co., Chennai
4. M/s P S Subramania Iyer & Co., Chennai
5. M/s K C Mehta & Co., Vadodara
12Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)1. M/s R Subramanian and Company LLP, Chennai
2. M/s S A R C & Associates, New Delhi
3. M/s Patro & Co., Bhubaneshwar
4. M/s M Srinivasan & Associates, Chennai
13Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC)1. M/s B C Jain & Co., Kanpur
2. M/s S N Dhawan & Co. LLP, New Delhi
3. M/s S P Chopra & Co., New Delhi
4. M/s Batra Deepak & Associates, New Delhi
14Punjab & Sind Bank1. M/s S Mann & Co., New Delhi
2. M/s Baldev Kumar & Co., Chandigarh
3. M/s Suresh Chandra & Associates, New Delhi
4. M/s Raj Gupta & Co., Chandigarh
15Punjab National Bank (PNB)1. M/s M K P S & Associates, Mumbai
2. M/s G S Mathur & Co., New Delhi
3. M/s H D S G & Associates, New Delhi
4. M/s M K Aggarwal & Co., New Delhi
5. M/s A John Moris & Co., Chennai
16State Bank of India (SBI)1. M/s Brahmayya & Co., Chennai
2. M/s Rao & Kumar, Visakhapatnam
3. M/s Chaturvedi & Shah LLP, Mumbai
4. M/s Ray & Ray, Kolkata
5. M/s S K Mittal & Co., New Delhi
6. M/s K Venkatachalam Aiyer & Co., Kochi
7. M/s N C Rajagopal & Co., Chennai
8. M/s O P Totla & Co., Indore
9. M/s S K Kapoor & Co., Kanpur
10. M/s Karnavat & Co., Mumbai
11. M/s Kalani & Co., Jaipur
12. M/s G P Agrawal & Co., Kolkata
13. M/s J C Bhalla & Co., New Delhi
14. M/s De Chakraborty & Sen, Kolkata
17Syndicate Bank1. M/s Vaithisvaran & Co. LLP, Chennai
2. M/s J S Uberoi & Co., Nagpur
3. M/s S Ghose & Co. Chartered Accountants LLP, Kolkata
4. M/s K K Soni & Co., New Delhi
5. M/s Fadnis & Gupte, Indore
18UCO Bank1. M/s M C Bhandari & Co., Kolkata
2. M/s R M Lall & Co., Lucknow
3. M/s V Singhi & Associates, Kolkata
4. M/s Rama K Gupta & Co., Gwalior
5. M/s Rawla & Co., New Delhi
19Union Bank of India1. M/s S Bhandari & Co., Jaipur
2. M/s C N K & Associates LLP, Mumbai
3. M/s Kirtane & Pandit LLP, Pune
4. M/s R S Patel & Co., Ahmedabad
5. M/s M G B & Co. LLP, Mumbai
6. M/s B M Chatrath & Co. LLP, Kolkata
20United Bank of India1. M/s Arun K Agarwal & Associates, New Delhi
2. M/s Mookherjee Biswas & Pathak, Kolkata
3. M/s S B A Associates, Kolkata
4. M/s Dinesh Jain & Associates, New Delhi
21Vijaya Bank1. M/s O P Bagla & Co. LLP, New Delhi
2. M/s Price Patt & Co., Chennai

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