Rectification of Errors in Form 26AS

Reflection of incorrect entries in Form 26AS or omission of required entries therein, is a matter of concern and the assessee need to follow up for timely rectification/ correction thereof. The likely circumstances of such errors & omissions in Form 26AS and remedial steps, are listed below:

1. Advance tax/ self assessment tax paid in the bank, but not reflected/ incorrectly reflected in Part C of Form 26AS:

There may be cases wherein advance tax or self assessment tax paid is not reflected/ incorrectly reflected in Form 26AS due to certain errors, like:
a) PAN not quoted properly in the tax payment challans or
b) mistake at the end of bank in entering the PAN while processing the challan data or
c) failure on the part of the bank to upload the duly processed tax information to TIN.
There may be various reasons for such errors/ mismatch. However, one can use the challan status enquiry utility at TIN website to check whether a challan bearing the Challan Identification Number (CIN) given in the counterfoil available with you has been duly uploaded to TIN. Likely errors and remedial measures in such cases, are as under:
i) If the PAN, as seen in this uploaded/ TIN data is wrong, then one needs to take up with the concerned Assessing Officer for rectification of PAN.
ii) In case the bank has failed to uploaded the proper details with respect to deposit of tax, one should take up with the concerned bank so that this information is duly uploaded.
iii) In case incorrect amount is being reflected in Form 26AS, this mistake could be due to the reason that the bank has made error in data entry. Again one should take up the matter with concerned bank only for rectification of amount in due course.
iv) In case the Challan Identification Number (CIN) of the advance tax / self assessment tax paid in the bank (as given in Part C of Form 26AS) does not match with the CIN in the challan counterfoil available with assessee, it is advisable to quote the CIN reflected in Form 26AS while filing the tax return, to avoid complications.

2. Reflection of ‘Incorrect Amount of Credits’ or ‘No Credits’ in Part A/B of the tax statement/ Form 26AS?

Reflection of incorrect credits in Part A/B of Form 26AS could be due to wrong data provided by the deductor in the quarterly TDS/TCS statement. Deductee should request the deductor to rectify the quarterly TDS/ TCS statement using prescribed correction statement or say by filing revised TDS return for the relevant quarter in proper manner. However, ‘No Credits’ being reflected in Form 26AS may be due to various reasons including, inter-alia, the following:
i) Tax deductor/ collector has failed to file periodic TDS return or TDS / TCS statement;
ii) Deductee has failed to furnish PAN to the tax deductor / collector;
iii) Deductee has provided incorrect PAN to the tax deductor / collector;
iv) Tax deductor/ collector has made an error in quoting PAN of the Deductee in the TDS / TCS return;
v) The tax deductor/ collector has not quoted PAN of the deductee at all;
vi) Details of relevant challan were wrongly quoted in the TDS return by the deductor or were wrongly quoted in the challan details uploaded by the bank.
For rectification of such errors or mismatches in Form 26AS one should request the tax deductor:
i) to file the TDS Return if it has not been filed;
ii) to rectify the PAN using a PAN correction statement in the TDS Return;
iii) to furnish a revised TDS Return in case the tax deductor had filed TDS return but inadvertently missed providing correct details or in case deductee had not given PAN to deductor before filing of the  TDS return;
iv) to furnish a correction statement if the deductor had filed a TDS return which had mistake in the challan details;
v) to take up with the bank to rectify any mistake in the amount in the challan details uploaded by the bank.

3. Entries in Form 26AS that do not pertain to PAN Holder

In case there are unknown TDS/ TCS credits, one should intimate the tax deductor/ collector for necessary rectification. In case these unknown credits are on account of advance tax/ self assessment tax, then its advisable to intimate the assessing officer for necessary correction or action.

4. Negative entries (‘-‘) appearing in Form 26AS

When the errors of TDS Returns or in the challan details uploaded by the bank are rectified, the original credit entries are reversed by way of a debit entry (indicating a negative sign) in Form 26AS. New tax credits may appear in Form 26AS (if applicable).

4. Changes in name / address of PAN holder displayed in Form 26AS

If PAN holder details appearing in Form 26AS are incorrect, the same can be updated by making an application using the ‘Request for new PAN card or/ and changes or correction in PAN data’. This request can be made either online or through the existing network of TIN-FCs. Details are available at the TIN website.

5. Whom to contact in case of any clarifications which have not been resolved by the deductor or the bank?

In such a situation the PAN holder should contact TIN Call Centre, National Securities Depository Limited, 3rd Floor, Sapphire Chambers, Near Baner Telephone Exchange, Baner, Pune-411045 Tel: 020-27218080 Fax: 020-27218081.

In addition to above, it may not be out of place to mention that the CBDT has made arrangements for new facility of pre-filling of TDS data while submitting online rectification for TDS mismatch at e-filing portal.

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