Reduced GST Rates (w.e.f. 15 Nov. 2017) for Various Goods/ Services notified by CBEC

CBEC notifies amended/ reduced GST Rates (CGST/ IGST/ UTGST) for Various items of Goods and Services,  applicable w.e.f. 15 Nov. 2017

CBEC issues notifications for amendments/ reduction in GST Rates of various items of Goods and Services, applicable w.e.f. 15 Nov. 2017, in line with recommendations of the 23rd Meeting of the GST Council held on 10 Nov. 2017, as under:

It may be noted that the GST Council in its last meeting has recommended major relief in GST/ IGST rates on various items of goods and services, spread across many sectors and commodities, i.e. tax rate of 177 mass use items reduced from existing 28% to 18%, tax rate reduced from 28% to 12% for 2 items, tax rate reduced on 54 items under different rates.

Reduced CGST Rates w.e.f. 15 Nov. 2017: CBEC Notification 41/2017 Central Tax Rate dt. 14 Nov.

Reduced IGST Rates w.e.f. 15 Nov. 2017: CBEC Notification 43/2017 Integrated Tax Rate dt. 14 Nov.

Reduced UTGST Rates w.e.f. 15 Nov. 2017: CBEC Notification 41/2017 UT Tax Rate dt. 14 Nov.

The change in GST Rates has come into effect from 15 Nov. 2017, whereby tax rate has been brought down from 28% to 18% on various items of mass consumption. Consumers need to take note of the reduction and pay adjusted Price/MRP for such goods.

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