Restoration of ICAI Membership/ Certificate of Practice (COP): 2019-20

ICAI has announced a Scheme for “Retrospective Restoration of Membership/ Certificate of Practice (COP)” for the Financial Year 2019-20. Members can apply under this Scheme till 31st May 2020 in Form 9/ Form 101 along with Applicable Fee, in case their name has been removed from the “Register of Members” due to non-payment of requisite fee before the due date. It may be noted that SSP portal is under system modification and window for this Scheme is expected to remain open in SSP login profile from 20th of May 2020 to 31st May 2020.

Further, Members who have have already paid fees for 2020-21, can request ICAI to adjust such fees for the year 2019-20, so that their application for prospective restoration of Membership/ COP may be converted to application for retrospective restoration, latest by 31st May 2020. In such a situation, the applicable fee for the year 2020-21 will be payable subsequently, in due course.

ICAI Announcement dt. 30 May 2020

Further to ICAI Announcement dated 13th May 2020 regarding retrospective restoration for year 2019-20, members who have already paid fees for prospective restoration during the current year may in their own interest can request ICAI to adjust the fees for the previous year. In such a scenario, the fees paid will be adjusted for the previous year 2019-20 and the fee for 2020-21 will be due thereafter. Members may apply for change of their prospective restoration of Membership/ COP to retrospective restoration by sending a request to latest by 31st May 2020 giving details of name, membership no, date of prospective restoration and firm`s association, etc.

ICAI Announcement dt. 14 May 2020

Retrospective Restoration of Membership / COP 2019-2020

The sudden developments in regard to corona virus pandemic in the country have resulted in an extended lockdown, since 22nd March 2020 by the Government of India. This lock down brought with it restrictions on physical mobility and availability of limited communication modes. This has resultantly led to situation wherein many of ICAI stakeholders were unable to complete the requirements of making the application complete in all respects for submission of Membership/ COP fees and retrospective restoration for the year 2019-2020 by the last date of 31st March 2020.

To mitigate the hardships, the application(s) in Form 9 and Form 101 for retrospective restoration of membership/ certificate of practice complete in all respects and applicable fee for the year 2019-2020 can now be submitted by filing until the midnight of 31st May 2020.

The system modification is underway to accommodate this window and is expected to be available in your SSP login profile on the 20th of May 2020.

Meanwhile, Members who have not registered themselves till now on the New Self Service Portal are requested to do their one-time registration immediately by visiting The step by step procedure about the registration process can be referred at

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