Revised Online Registration Process for issue of PF Code through the OLRE Portal

Revised Online Registration Process for issue of PF Code to Establishments through the OLRE Portal

Further to Circular No. C-lll/Compliance- 2001/CIR/E 1/26303 dated 28.09.2015 regarding Online Registration of Establishments, the EPFO has now launched a revised process for the registration wherein the employer will be able to apply online and upload the digitally signed documents at the time of application itself, w.e.f. 1 Dec. 2015.

The new process is divided in the following steps:

i) Registration of the Employer for creating his Login Id and password;

ii) Registration of the Digital Signature of the said employer after login to the created user registration;

iii) Online application including the upload of digitally signed documents.

On submission of the application, the PF code number will be immediately intimated and the code allotment letter will be available for download.

The revised instructions for the online registration with the DSC and the detailed registration process for allotment of PF Code have been made available at the EPFO‘s website (as revised on 3rd December, 2015).

The employer himself will have to apply now and the name and basic details of the said employer will be auto populated in the application form under the Employer details fields and the employer will be responsible for the correctness of the data and the documents uploaded by him.

Under the revised process there will not be any requirement for the Enforcement Officer for visit to collect any physical documents and the documents uploaded by the employer will be available for download by the respective offices. In case of upload of the wrong documents or data, the EPFO will take action as per the provisions of the Act/ Schemes.

EPFO Circular dt. 28 Sep. 2015 Online Registration OLRE Process

EPFO Circular dt. 3 Dec. 2015 Revised Online Registration OLRE Process Circular

EPFO’s Revised Process of Online PF Registration OLRE (with DSC)

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