Revised Procedure of Online DVAT/ CST Registration

Revised Procedure of Online Registration under DVAT/ CST w.e.f. 23 Feb. 2017

DVAT (Policy) Circular No. 24/ 2016-17 dt. 23 Feb. 2017

The DVAT Deptt. has reviewed its Circular No 3 of 2015-16 dt. 27 Apr. 2015 on the procedure for grant of online registration under the DVAT/ CST Act and has spelled out the revised procedure, applicable w.e.f. 23 Feb. 2017, as under:

1. To start with, the online applicant dealer shall provide PAN details and other brief particulars including e-mail, mobile, etc.

2. PAN shall be verified by the DVAT Deptt with from Income Tax data base, as maintained by NSDL, on real time basis. Based on successful PAN verification, user ID and password would be communicated by the DVAT Deptt to the applicant, the same day.

3. Afterwards, the Applicant dealer can file registration application under DVAT/ CST and deposit requisite fee online. Also, scanned copies of requisite documents are required to be uploaded with the application.

4. The application(s) would be immediately made available to the concerned ward/ VATO for examination of application documents (in the login window).

5. Consequently, upon review and approval of the VATO concerned, the digitally signed Registration Certificate/ TIN (downloadable at the dealer’s end) will be issued (instead of “Provisional Certificate’ hitherto issued), preferably within one day, for which no prior verification by VAT Inspector shall be required.

6. Requirement of providing Bank Account details, at the time of applying for registration under DVAT/ CST, in Form DVAT 04 – Part (Column No. 16), shall be optional at the time of online application. However, the dealer shall have to provide such details on or before the filing of first Return after registration.

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