SACRED: A Govt. Portal for Re-Employment of ‘Senior Able Citizens’

In light of a technical group’s report that “more than 50% of senior citizens are found active,” the government has decided to create an IT portal called ‘Senior Able Citizens for Re-Employment in Dignity (SACRED)’ to serve as an employment exchange for engagement seeker able senior citizens.

The portal will connect job seekers and employers by virtual matching preferences, with the goal of devising ways to ensure Senior Citizens live healthy, happy, empowered, dignified, and self-sufficient lives. The government will provide Rs. 10 crore for platform development, as well as a Rs. 2 crore maintenance grant per year for the next five years.

Web Link of SACRED Portal:

Senior citizens who are active feel isolated at home due to a lack of engagement, despite the fact that they are equally capable of performing work-related responsibilities. As a result, the government has decided to devise ways to build a society in which senior citizens can live healthy, happy, empowered, dignified, and self-sufficient lives. The government intends to involve the entire society in the initiative, particularly the following stakeholders, in order to provide older people with employment opportunities:

i) Private firms/ Corporates;

ii) Educational institutions;

iii) Government Sectors and local Bodies for consultancy services;

iv) The Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Associations, Societies/ Trusts, etc.; and

v) The Media and finally the Public at large.

Scope of the SCARED Portal

i) An IT portal to bring the employment seeker senior citizens and employment providers on one platform will be developed and maintained by an agency identified through a transparent process.

ii) An individual senior citizen will get oneself registered on the portal with his relevant education, past experience, skills and the areas of interest. The person will also select keywords regarding expected tasks, which will enable the job providers find them automatically. Details can be updated by the Senior citizens.

iii) Any job provider – individual/ firm/ company/ partnership/ Voluntary Organisations, etc. can also register on the portal. The job provider will specify the task involved and the number of senior citizens that are required to complete it.

iv) Voluntary Organizations will help the senior citizens in applying for these jobs. No user charges will be taken from any of the senior citizens by any Voluntary Organizations. Therefore, the Employment Portal will serve not only the senior citizens seeking employment, but also the employers, the SHGs, the senior citizens gaining skills, and other agencies/ individuals.

v) The Employment Exchange Portal will not be a guarantee for getting a job/ employment or selling of the products of the SHGs, or for any other activity. It will act as an interactive platform where stakeholders meet each other virtually and decide on the course of action with mutual respect, consent and understanding.

vi) Any individual/ firm/ company/ agency will seek the services of the senior citizens in respect of those tasks where experience can naturally outweigh hiring new personnel and providing them training, etc. Example can be short term employment, contract for a project, teaching, counselling jobs. The Employer and the employee may extend their partnership beyond the short term, too, on mutual consent and respect basis.


1. K S Sasi:

Excellent initiative by our Honorable Prime Minister for the benefit of senior citizens. Really great for the needy able seniors.

2. D S Roy:

Very appreciable step taken by Modi Govt. I am 63 and still Energetic to work further. I am Ready to Move for work any Time at Nagpur. Very sound in Health n keep my self Fit at any moment.

3. Srinivas Kaza:

Good Initiative by GOI. However it is sad to notice that very few Organisations have responded for this initiative. To make it effective, GOI must make it mandatory for every Private and Public Ltd Companies to ensure certain percentage of workforce and new recruits must be Retired Sr Citizens. In fact every Organizations must have a Sr Citizen Portal in their Careers section. This alone would make the GOI initiative a Grand Success. Further, SACRED Portal link is not accessible at the moment. Hope the NIC team would look into this please and enable list of current job postings for Sr Citizens.


Good opportunities initiated by GOI for Senior Citizens job portal. In this portal a few companies only come forward. Branded Companies and running central/ state governments may be linked in the portal under the control of central/ state government. IAS retired officials may be appointed to organise and conduct personal interviews in District Level for Senior Citizens Appointment.

5. P.G. Varghese:

Very appreciable step taken by Govt. I am 60 and still Energetic to work further. I am Ready to Move for work any Time at Kerala. Very sound in Health n keep my self Fit at any moment.

6. Karuna Kanta Deka:

It is a great initiative of the Govt to reemploy capable senior citizen. I find the initiative very fruitful for the able senior citizen for utilizing their experience. I am also an able senior citizen having long experience in SHGs training.


How to do registration for getting reemployment in the center? Center govt has said that online registration shall be made available from 01/10/2021. Can someone guide properly?


What a great thought. PM needs to be congratulated. In spite of very difficult day to day routine, long term planning, he could find time to think of all such Trivial matters. He is bound to leave a remarkable stamp in the history. May god give him long life to eliminate the black spots from Indian history

9. Dharmaraj Subbiah:

I am 75, retired as a Divisional Engineer. I am still active and would like to work. I was looking for an opportunity for a long time. I really appreciate and welcome this amazing proposal of Govt. of India.

10. Arun kumar:

Great though , I am 60 yrs old , worked 35 yr as Assistant Engineer & executive engineer in wrd jharkhand. I am still active and need engagement opportunity in bihar in water resource & drainage sector

11. Saroj Kumar Tripathy:

Unable to open the SACRED portal/ site. Please advise how to proceed.


best portal for senior citizens. Thanks a lot my respected Prime Minister sir

13. Sharvan Sharma:

Thanks respected Modi ji for starting this portal for welfare of senior Citizens

14. Dr Rammohan Chattopadhyay:

It’s a very good decision of central govt. if sr. citizens are engaged with some job I think they will get active for long time and also get an opportunity to serve the nation and share their knowledge to junior employees.

15. Suresh Menon:

SACRED Portal web site isn’t working for registration as on today (i.e. 03/10/2021 09:00AM). Is it operational?

16. Satyabrata Basu:

Fantastic initiative by the GOI for senior citizens… I can not express in my own language the beauty of such program… !!

17. Rachita Kotwal:

Thanks to Government of India for this plan to engage senior citizens in a better manner. I am 50 year but would like to serve as a volunteer. I want to get a engagement to use my skills, qualification, experience for the benefit of the Country. I am mentally and physically fit and able to do work.

18. Ghan Shyam Singh:

Sacred portal is not working for registration at all. Not receiving any response after submitting the data duly filled, as to whether registered or not. It should be resolved asap.

19. Nirmal Kumar Nandi:

I am physically and mentally alert and looking for engagement in West Bengal.

20. Chandramouli:

Much awaited initiative, where the individual experience gained over a long period of time can be explored/ exploited for in the national capacity building. A win win situation. Congratulations and Thanks.




I am 64 years. I badly need a job. I am capable to do any job related to banking.

23. Ummed S Manral:

Great initiative by Govt of India. It will undoubtedly provide ample opportunities to able Senior citizens to keep themselves engaged & live with dignity.

24. Narayan Nayak:

Very good decisions of Modi Govt. to engage senior citizens.


It is a very good positive action by the govt. as a correct and effective decision can be expected from an experienced worker. I am 63 years retired from junior officer of Indian Railway in E.RLY/KOLKATA in Commercial Department duly selected from Inspectorial level. I am having good and sound health and desire to give much more for betterment of railway and boost up its earnings. I was re-engaged in railway Training Institute Dhanbad. But could not complete contractual period due to Govt policy on account of COVID in 2020. But still I hope for getting a chance as I am able to do my job both physically and mentally. waiting..

26. Shammi Thusu:

The initiative by the government is commendable. Only hitch that it should not just remain paper and table proposal. A dedicated officer responsible for carrying forward the initiative to logical platform be appointed, the officer has to remain focused hence no divisionary activities be permitted. It will help millions of able well read and we’ll exposed senior citizens to share their experiences with world at large and contribute to the industry and economy.

27. Girish. V. Choudhary:

A good initiative by Government to give Financial status to Senior citizens and their experience can be utilized for the benefit of society/ private companies.

28. Parmod Sharma:

A very good initiative by the Government for elderly, Highly appreciable. I have questions- Is the scheme to be be implemented in Haryana State also? Are the elderly more than 60 years retired from Private Sector eligible in the scheme? I am asking this question because I retired from Private job and running in 65th year but because of age not getting job though I want to work as I am physically fit ànd active with active habits good physique.


Very nice opportunity brought by Modi Government for the engagement of senior citizens in different sectors as per their skills and experience. I have worked about 41 years being an efficient civil engineer mainly for construction of roads and buildings including other related miscellaneous works. I have good health and stamina to perform my duties even now and interested to serve my country.

30. Anupam Roy:

This initiative will help retired people. I am an experienced Electrical and Mechanical diploma engineer/ marine engineer looking for re-employment.

31. Sub Phool Singh:

I am an ex army jco.. active and healthy.. want to engage myself again for the country and the people. This is very good and innovative step taken by Modi Govt.

32. p k rana:

Good initiative and scheme to engage senior citizens, who will not only be active but also contribute a lot with their experience, maturity and expertise, thus very nice and innovative step taken by Government of India.


The initiative of this GOI is not only great but historic. The senior CITIZENs like us, who are fully active, but felt lonely, abandoned and somehow depressed could get another opportunity to work with dignity again.

34. SP Visalakshi:

Good initiative. I have worked in the field of education as a teacher and Principal of CBSE schools. Now I have retired and at home. I would love to continue my service in this field. I am sixty years old. I hope I will get another opportunity to continue my service.

35. Rajesh Kumar Nagpal:

Good initiative for able and active senior citizens. Nation must utilise their services.


A very good decision since it gives ample scope for the able and skilled senior citizens in India. I am also a senior citizen having enough potential to serve the nation. Hope this positive step should bring a good era for the senior citizens.

37. Sriniwas Daga:

Great efforts to help seniors in evening years to lead a meaningful life.

38. Rk malhotra:

How to register at SACRED Portal?

39. Sudeep Sharma:

Very good initiative by the GOI.


In fact it’s a Great step taken by the GOI.

41. V N UNNI:

The SACRED portal is not user-friendly. I have already registered in the Portal, but I am unable to Login. No popup appears after putting login ID and password. GOI is requested to please make the portal fully active so that the senior citizens can avail the targeted means to get re-employment.

42. Prabha Rani Agarwal:

Very good move by the Government. Highly appreciated.

43. Ghan Shyam Singh:

After getting myself registered on SACRED portal I tried login into portal but couldn’t succeed. No response at all after clicking submit button. The person concern authorized for addressing the error must look into the issue & required to be resolved so that senior able person can be benefitted by this good and innovative initiative of the Government.

44. K.Ethiraj:

Adding dignity to the Elder citizens. Appreciable.

45. Madhav Gore:

Very good initiative I was looking for something like this. Thanks


Interesting. Wish great success. Request maintain Transparency, Accountability and Responsive Administration

47. Milind Sabde:

The SACRED Portal for Senior Citizens, MUST be user friendly.

48. Mirza Ismail Baig:

After getting myself registered on SACRED portal I tried login into portal but couldn’t succeed. No response at all after clicking submit button. Very good initiative I am looking for any Accounts or Admin job. As I retired as Accountant from GOI. Any how I am thankful to the Govt for taking such a beautiful step. Thanks once again.

49. Dr. D. K. Modi:

Wonderful job done by the present Govt. It is a good platform to utilize the rich resource of the country.

50. UD Oli:

Appreciable work of government of India in taking care of able senior citizens by providing job opportunity. This endeavour will definitely give dignified life to those senior members who are physically fit and desirous of getting engaged in work of their interest. Wish this mission a grand success.

51. Akhilesh B Srivastava:

Where is the link for applying??


KUDOS TO PM MODI AND HIS TEAM FOR THE UNIQUE INITIATIVE FOR SR. CITIZENS. This opportunity will keep sr. citizens busy by contributing their vast knowledge and experience gained over a long period of their career. Of course this will also add to their economic freedom. Looking forward to registration. GOVT may give wide publicity and inform PSUs, NGOs and other prospective employers.

53. Itishree Krishna:

What a wonderful initiative by GOI!! Thanks to the enterprising effort of our Government led by an inspiring & diligent leader, Narendra Modi. My best wishes and success for the way forward

54. Manoj Kumar Roy Choudhury:

SACRED is welcome initiative by GOI. It will bring new light to millions of able senior citizens. Thanks a lot.


Resources of senior citizen’s can effectively use through this initiative for further development of our Nation !!

56. S Somu:

Very helpful scheme for needy people in senior age bracket.

57. c s singhal:

Good initiative… more need to to be done !!

58. Boopalan A:

Much appreciated effort.

59. Probir Kumar Das:

I am an able senior citizen to do any secretarial work in any ministry. I would like to know… when does the registration start?

60. Ramesh Chandra Das:

Now, I am physically, mentally well fit and having above 30 years of working experience. I like to share my experience with any concern through GOI portal. Requiring any suitable type of job and post with moderate package to restart my next inning.

61. Manoj Doshi:

I tried to Register myself on SACRED, but could not.. After filling all the details and pw etc, registration is not being done.! Kindly guide me anyone whoever is successful.

62. J Kasinathan:

Very Helpful Scheme initiated by Hon Prime Minister. Thanks. SACRED is helpful to Senior Citizens of India. I wish on behalf of all the citizens of India to move strengthening of our country.

63. Sasidharan Chettur:

This is a great idea and good support for the Senior citizens, if it’s maintained properly. But, no one has confirmed when it will start.

64. Rama Dhari Singh:

On 29/09/21 when I read E-employment exchange for Senior Citizens from 01/10/2021, I am really thrilled. Sabaka Sath, Sabaka Vikas and Sabaka Vishwas.. in true sense.. for active Senior Citizens as well as needy Employer to have experienced hand in their team along with ultimately nation building contribution by unutilized mass force. Modi Govt has given additional life to all active Senior Citizens to live with dignity in really practical terms. All the best for an early functioning of portal.

65. Amarnath Prasad Yadav:

This is a great Visionary, Constructive and Progressive step for development of the country.


Excellent and Innovative “IDEA” and “THINKING” from the Government Of India. Being, a Senior Citizen of the Country, feeling proud myself for the unique proposal. I would like to render my service in the area of my skills and experience gathered during my Professional Carrier with my Educational background. I am Mumbai based and Physically fit with all aspects and ready to take the new challenges. Last Job handled as the Brand Manager (All India) of Ayurvedic Products from 2018 to 2021.

67. Narayanam Kameswara Rao:

Great Initiative. I must congratulate the Govt. for this.

68. Surendra Arya:

Congratulations Modi ji for this initiative. Last year I had suggested PMO IT cell to engage Senior Citizens in nation building.

69. Arijit Ghosh:

I very much appreciate the initiative. I believe retired senior citizens are a category who can contribute immensely in the GDP growth and human value index rise as well. These people are experienced and capable to drive the wheels in a most befitting manner at a comparative lower cost. At the same time valuable resource could be re engineered gainfully. Being a chartered Accountant and former PSUs Director, I am looking for a second innings now to serve the nation.


I welcome this Initiative. It is great decision of the govt. It will keep up the experience, capacity, ability, stamina of the retired persons, which can be used for the betterment of one and all. I wish to use the portal. Let me know when portal will open and applications will be invited.

71. K Anantha kumar:

This is a great move by the government which supports the senior citizens. Please share the portal link to upload the resume.


It is a great idea, wherein Govt. is looking from an angle where everyone, irrespective of their ages, can join hands in the works and development of the country, can have a satisfaction towards the goal in an individual life. I pray for a bright success of this program and hope that every senior citizen will be informed/ conveyed about the same and will come forward with transparency to strengthen the system and procedures.

73. Premachandran:

When the majority of the Ministers and MLAs are Senior citizens, why can’t others join the Team India, especially those experienced and dedicated hands! Welcome initiative.

74. Bishan Dixit:

This is really a good initiative by GOI under the leadership of our PM sir. This was a demand of the present time. This will be win win position for all the three, i.e. Senior Citizens, Employer and GOI. All round development and benefit to all. Thanx. Pl create the link at the earliest and advise. I am eagerly waiting for it.

75. Rakesh Seth:

Can anyone advise about the web url link/ details of the website meant for registration of re-employment/ engagement of senior citizens?

76. Shyam Sundar Maddiwar:

It indicates that the Modi Government is silently taking care of senior citizens also. Thanks to Modiji and his team. We expect utilisation of our experience and knowledge for building the Great India.

77. Anilkumar v:

How to register at SACRED Portal?

78. Jaipal Singh Rathi:

It is the best ever plan of our Govt. Definitely it will provide a NavJeevan to the senior citizens. I hope for its bright future.

79. Anonymous:

A really good initiative by the government. Hope the long service rendered by the well experienced and retired persons can be properly utilised. This is going to be a win win situation for both the fund starved government and experienced and healthy senior citizens.

80. GVN Rao:

How to register for re-employment at SACRED portal and when the same will be ready?

81. Mahadev Bhoi:

Can anyone provide details of portal/ web URL link of SACRED portal please.

82. Avinash kulkarni:

How to register at SACRED portal?

83. Dr. Ravinuthala Gowri Sankar:

An excellent and innovative initiative by the Government of India. May all the State governments in the country replicate the initiative, by launching their own portals of this type, so as to tap the expertise of qualified, well experienced, dedicated and energetic senior citizens of respective States.

84. Gayatri N punjabi:

kindly share the link for registration with SACRED portal.

85. Basant kumar Rajak:

Thanks to the Government of India for engagement of retired government officers under the SACRED project.


This platform will be a blessing for the senior citizens. They will be able to do the best for their nation. So I thank to the government of India for this kind favour.

87. Awadhesh kumar Pachori:

Good initiative By GOI, Congratulations and thanks. Please send the link details of SACRED portal.

88. Pranab Kumar Manda:

Please share the link for registration IN SACRED portal.

89. Gayanendra Singh:

Thanks to the central Gov. for thinking about the senior citizens who had a vast experience with good integrity and experience of Gov sector, world bank projects, to perform in mission mode. Because there is slackness in the most gov. employees to work in mission mode Experience of senior citizens will be a great help to the nation also for the mental fitness of the senior citizens.

90. Manotosh Dey:

I convey a lot of thanks to GOI for its great endeavor / initiative of re-employment for able (mentally and physically active retired 60 yrs or above) senior personnel’s. I opted for VRS from a Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals company in the year 2013 for my personal reason. I worked there as a senior personnel in Marketing division for 31 yrs with a good track record. I am a B.Sc graduate (C.U). My age as of today is 60yrs 4 months. I am having 39 yrs of work experience in sales and business development (Pharma and FMCG sector). At present, I am at Nagaon in Assam.


I really appreciate the selection of Web Portal Name “SACRED” for the initiative of Govt. to engage experienced experts for development of the country.

92. Swapan Kumar Debnath:

Good proposal.

93. Asok kumar:

Seems to be a great opportunity for senior citizens to walk on their ways ahead with their head one up!! Instead of leading a boring and unusual life and being an unwanted creature for the society. Very good initiative!!! Kindly send me the links or other details for registering with the exchange as early as possible, when it is launched. Thanks

94. Muhammed Haris:

An unparalleled initiative by GOI, in view of the fact that abundant re-employable manpower with expertise and talent is available in our Country. Hats off to the authorities for their concern for senior citizens. Hopefully Govt will launch the website and roll out further details without any delay. Looking forward to benefit from this program.

95. Bholanath Chatterjee:

Very good effort and gesture by Indian Government for Senior citizens in India. In spite of my retirement from a foundry engineering company where I was implementing lot of financial and commercial things, like Excise, GST, Exports, etc., at the age of 63 years I am still eager to work and want to explore the proposal for my knowledge and experience sharing. Basically I am a fellow member of the ICMAI. I really appreciate the great effort made by Govt. of India.

96. V V S Prasad:

A great initiative by the Govt. This will help many Senior Citizens who are fit, dedicated and experienced.

97. P. G. Wairagade:

It is really appreciable idea and excellent initiative. Many elder people are still active and having vast knowledge of the various working fields. They will be able to build our Country’s future through younger generation very efficiently. Also through this initiative, elders can retain their dignity.

98. Ranjit Singh:

Please let me know when the registration starts.


A constructive initiative taken by PM MODI JI.

100. S.K. Mishra:

Very good initiative by Govt. Of India. I also retired as PGT, from Govt of Arunachal Pradesh. Look forward to success of the SACRED program and to participate therein.

101. Gireesh Kumar:

Very good initiative taken by the Government of India. I retired from GoI in September 2015 and worked as a Financial Specialist from January 2016 to November 2020 with a Govt. Project in New Delhi. Due to COVID I couldn’t continue. Still I can perform the assigned duties. Look forward to the success of the SACRED program. With Best Wishes,

102. S S Rathore:

How to register in the SACRED portal? Govt. is requested to please share the access details asap.

103. Vijoy kumar Madhukar G:

Proposal is excellent in the sense that opportunities have been extended to Senior Citizens to contribute in progress and development of the Nation without compromising their terms and conditions. Moreover, it will be a win win situation for Senior Citizens and the Nation. Congratulations !!

104. Bibeka nanda baruah:

Thanks a lot to our Hon’ble PM for such a constructive thought. Our senior citizens should come forward in helping nation building PROJECTS. Our senior citizens should be first surveyed and their consents should be sought for such a encouraging step. Congratulations once again.


How to submit the Application for job through SACRED. I am a Retired Additional District Officer from Economics and Statistics Department, Kerala. I have sound health now and looking for a suitable engagement.

106. Sadananda Mohanty:

Good initiative of the Govt. but where is the portal located for registration? Please share link/ details. Thanks

107. G C Hazra:

Great initiative of Govt. for the senior citizens.

108. Ram Singhasan Rai:

Very good proposal of GoI. Thanks PM Modi Sir.

109. Ghan Shyam Singh:

Good initiative by the Government for reemployment of retired able persons for self respect and reliance. SACRED portal should be error free and made easy for registration. Link required to be shared for the each stake holder.

110. Viswanathan Nair:

I am a senior citizen. I would like to have a job since I could not make any arrangement for my future. Please help me to get any job for working from my home.


I am very much delighted to learn about the portal SACRED to be started by the Government for Senior Able Citizens from 01/10/2021. Senior citizens retiree like me who has been retired recently are still able and well experienced can be re-employed by the Government in their best interest.

112. Irene Roy:

Heart felt thanks to our government for uplifting the senior citizens. I am also looking forward to get an opportunity to serve again. Looking forward for a post of pharmacist.


Wishing a great success to the Govt. proposal of Re-employment of Senior Citizens, who have gained knowledge and experience of working techniques.

114. Arun Kumar Gurung:

This platform will surely help the Senior Citizens in getting re-employment of their choice and to live their life with dignity.


This is a blessing for Senior Citizens. This will give a chance to the Senior Citizens to contribute in nation building in line with the thought process of our Prime Minister. Thanks again.

116. Ravikiran Shardadrao Waghmare:

Excellent and long-lasting plan by the government.


Thanks to GOI for this endeavor. I want to get job to use my skills for the country.

118. Palasur Prabakar:

When and how can I apply to get the job under this re-employment initiative of GOI?

119. Narayana reddy Sadda:

This will be one of the Best plans Adopted by the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. THANKS A LOT FOR THE GREAT ADMINISTRATION. Our Nation will certainly flourish given the fact that we have so many experienced people with high moral available for efficient administration, effective planning, etc. at a low cost.

120. Deepshikha Malik:

Great initiative!! Please add relevant Website link when available.

121. CD Tewary, MBA:

Great opportunity indeed for senior citizens of our country in terms of utilizing and contributing their vast experiences and knowledge for the development of the enterprises and indirectly share their value in the growth of our country too. It’s a real value added opportunity for Senior Citizens. Thanks to the GOI.

122. Konedana Rajan Rambabu:

Thanks to the Government for this noble endeavor for utilizing the vast experience of the retired professionals/ personnel. All the best for the great success of this program for senior citizens. Best regards.

123. P.J. Dalsania:

God bless Modi Govt. for such type of thinking and implementation of tis initiative for helping and utilising the abled senior citizens.

124. Prof. Subhabrata Bag:

I am physically and mentally alert and able to do work. Such an opportunity will help me use my potential. Thanks

125. Dr Dilip Zaveri:

Really a great effort by GOI. This is going to be life changing step for Experienced seniors to contribute their golden experience for the development of nation.

126. J.P. Malik, Bank Retiree:

Excellent initiative taken by GOI for utilizing the vast experience of the retirees. All the best for great success of the program. Please update link on the post when available. Thanks

127. Subbiah Pillai:

I retired from Tamilnadu Civil supplies corporation. Looking for a job under this initiative of GOI for helping the able senior citizens.

128. Samarendra Nath Naskar:

Great initiative !!


Certainly it’s a Good move. Also this will be like compensation for senior citizens who are facing reduction in fixed income due to cut in bank interest rates by the Govt.

130. दिलीप नामदेव:

सरकार की नीति सेवानिवृत्त कर्मचारियों के लिए बेहतर विकल्प और अवसर साबित होगी. ऐसे कर्मचारी जो सेवानिवृत्त होने के पश्चात फिट हैं, उनके अनुभव और ऊर्जा का उपयोग देश के विकास के लिए किया जा सकेगा

131. CA K Narayanarao:

Fantastic. I am an active Chartered Accountant and very much interested to part knowledge on Fraud Awareness subject. It is a great opportunity to share knowledge with others.

132. Venkat Srinivasan:

This is a lovely initiative by GOI to allow senior citizens, who are still active to start another innings of work-life. I am sure for most of the senior citizens are looking mainly for engagement, rather than improving their financial status. Moreover it will be an opportunity for them to apply themselves by whatever they had experienced before their retirement. Great initiative.

133. Bhaskar N:

If I can contribute to the re-engagement with decent income, I would have done some service to the society.

134. Rajagopalan k:

Good development. Please let us know the web site url/ details so that we can offer our experience/ details for suitable engagement. Certainly, we can contribute to our Society at large with the best possible services.

135. Basant kumar:

Thanks to Government of India for this plan to engage senior citizens in a better manner. I want to get a engagement to use my skills, qualification, experience for the benefit of the Country. I am mentally and physically fit and able to do work.

136. Sanjaykumar katkar:

Good initiative. I can say that there is great potential in retired persons to serve better for any Organisation and the Nation, on the basis of their knowledge and experience gained during the service life. Govt. can utilise such knowledge this way by allowing retired employee to contribute in requirements of knowledge with experience.

137. Abdurehiman. V. T:

A good initiative by GOI. It will symbiotically benefit the senior citizens and the country. Re-engagement of the senior citizens having good experiences in different areas can be utilised for the development of the society. I am a retired Senior Bank Manager having LLB degree and done the service in rural and urban areas. After retirement enrolled as advocate. Presently seeking a suitable job for engagement.

138. Maddipatla Narayana Rao:

Good initiative taken by GOI for utilizing the vast experience of the senior citizens to build the nation in successful ways. All the best for the Government and also to the senior citizens who get opportunity from this program. Please update link on the post when available. Thanks

139. Surendra Arya:

How, when and where can I upload my resume on Senior Citizens re-employment portal (SACRED)?


I am 65 years old and served Railways for 40 years that includes 2 years of re-engagement, which couldn’t continue due to Covid-19 pandemic. Again, I am available and ready to serve the Nation. It’s really a Good initiative/ scheme by the Government to help the senior citizens occupy themselves physically and mentally, besides support in their financial independence/ security.

141. Capt. Raj K Malik:

I must compliment the team of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment for coming out with a much needed platform which could address the concerns of senior officers/ citizens who have given their sweat and blood to various Organizations for building the Nation. I acknowledge with thanks to the Govt. of India for launching the ‘SACRED’ portal. I am sure that this initiative will go a long way and yield positive results. It is worth mention here that the ‘experience is road to knowledge’ and it can not be overlooked. The same is to be channelized for further strengthening the nation. JAI HIND!

142. Nilesh N Patel:

Please update link of the SACRED portal for ‘senior citizens re-employment’ when available, so that I cab upload my resume to offer my services.

143. Philip Kuruvilla:

Please inform me how to register in the portal provided for job-seeking senior citizens. I am a person aged 69 years with good health and I was working as an Asst. Vice President in a firm importing and marketing building materials for the past 14 years. Also, I have worked as a Manager in a Plantation Company for 25 years. I am well versed in Import and export of products and I am seeking for an opportunity in this area.

144. Suhas Kakatkar:

Please update link of the SACRED portal for further action, like submitting resume, application, etc.

145. Chandramani Nannaware:

Kindly share SACRED portal link, so that we can register for the engagement. Thanks

146. A Narayanaswamy, Bangalore:

Excellent initiative to tap the expertise and knowledge of Senior Citizens for building a still stronger India and engaging them for their healthy life. Congratulations to all the stakeholders. Senior Citizens involvement will be a support to the New Generation’s contributions.. in all most all fields.

147. Nailesh jani:

Kindly update/ share details on how to register for re employment/ engagement with the the SACRED portal.


Best of Luck to both Government and Respected Senior Citizens. please share the portal Link asap.

149. Kunhiraman Nambeesan Kunnembeth Madathil:

Kindly share url link/ details of the portal to enable me to register for employment.

150. Sekhar Kumar Dey:

I am M. Tech from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad and Fellow of IE((I); Chatered Engineer. Physically fit to take up challenging assignments. Waiting eagerly for the portal to come into existence at the earliest.

151. Sivadas K K:

Seems to be very good initiative. In some states the retirement age is 55/ 56. People in that age group will be very active and would like to get re-employed/ engaged if proper options/ situations come their way. Let us wait and see how it is going to function.

152. Keshav Kumar Kulshreshtha:

Very good initiative and effort of the Government of India. Retired persons can do service for betterment of Nation as well as their engagement for good physical and financial health.

153. Venkata Srinivas ARETI:

Thanks for the initiative taken by the Government to extend the capabilities of retired Senior Citizens, who are in all aspects able to perform and guide to the core. I am a 61 year young retired police officer from the State of Telangana and would like to avail the opportunity with all sincerity and dedication.

154. Balasubramanian:

This is a very good move by the Govt which will help many senior citizens to lead a life of their own instead of brooding over their past lives. Please share SACRED link so that we can register as early as possible.

155. Yash Pal Katyal:

It is a great step to utilize the experience of the senior citizens. It will help to save them from unnecessary loneliness.

156. Rajesh Dhingra:

Very good initiative by our Hon’ble PM Mr Modi. Outstanding Vision

157. Rajesh Dhingra:

My request to GOI is to please launch the SACRED portal at the earliest.

158. Pattabhi Ram:

This is very great move by the concerned ministry. Please share the portal link to upload resume.

159. Pankaj Paul:

This is great initiative by GOI. All senior citizen can start their second innings in a best way and can share their experience and live a better life. Working and earning at this age gives a Freedom and Peace. Thanks to PM and GOI.

160. Mehar chand:

I am 67 years old and I have served as manager in sbi for 37 years and also after retirement I have worked as finical literacy Councilor for about 3 years to serve govt scheme as well as Bank loan’s and deposit schemes to public through camps plz update my link when available

161. Manmohan Satpathy:

Great platform to search for people who have already contributed to the nation building process in different capabilities in the past. Now it is time to give them further scope to serve as long which will be a great honour and help them to live with dignity for the remaining part of life thereby providing financial as well as social security. Salute to the respectable concept.


An innovative and constructive idea. Thanks to the Govt of India and wishing the new initiative all success.