Service Tax Return (ST-3) Due Date Extended from 25 Apr. to 30 Apr. 2017

Service Tax Return (ST-3) Due Date (Oct. 2016 ~ Mar. 2017) Extended

For filing of Service Tax Return (ST-3) for the period 1 Oct. 2016 to 31 Mar. 2017, the Due date has been extended by the CBEC, vide Order No. 1/2017, from 25 Apr. 2017 to 30 Apr. 2017, due to intermittent difficulties faced by the taxpayers on 25 Apr. 2017, with the ACES application meant for online filing of the returns.

CBEC Order 1/2017 Service Tax dt 25.04.2017

Earlier, Service Tax Return (ST-3) Due date, for Oct. 2015 to Mar. 2016, was extended by CBEC from 25 Apr. 2016 to 29 Apr. 2016, as under:

CBEC Order 1/2016 Service Tax dt 25.04.2016

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