Simplified UAN based Pension Claim Form No. 10D-UAN Notified by EPFO

EPFO Notifies Simplified UAN based Pension Claim Form Number 10D-UAN

EPFO has introduced Composite PF Claim Forms (Aadhar/ Non-Aadhar), Pension Claim Form (Aadhaar) and Composite Claim Form (PF/ EPS/ EDLI) for Death cases. As a result, the Claim Forms No. 5IF, 10C, 10D, 19, 20 and 31 (including UAN Forms 19, 10C, 10D and 31) stands withdrawn. Further, now partial PF withdrawals shall be allowed based on Self Certification (instead of other documents/ certificates), using new Composite PF Claim Forms (Aadhar/ Non-Aadhar). For further details on latest applicable forms, please refer the link below:

Composite PF Claim Forms (Aadhar/ Non-Aadhar) introduced by EPFO

Pension Claim Form (Aadhar) introduced by EPFO to replace/ revise Form 10D (UAN)

Composite Claim Form (PF, EPS, EDLI) for Death cases notified by EPFO

Earlier, the EPFO, vide Circular 24 Jun. 2016, had notified ‘Simplified UAN based Pension Claim Form No. 10D-UAN’, for pension claims submission without attestation of employers, as under:

EPFO Circular No. Pension.I/7(1)96/Forms/7429 dt 24 June 2016

Please find enclosed herewith order No. Pension-I/7(1)96/Forms/7869 ddt. 23.06.2016 issued by Central Provident Fund Commissioner under Para 35 of EPS 1995 prescribing Form 10D-UAN. The UAN based claim Form 10D-UAN have been introduced in respect of all employees whose AADHAR Number and Bank details have been seeded and have been duly verified by the employer using digital signature and the details in Form No. 11 New have been completed.

All the RPFCs/OICs of ROs/SROs are hereby directed to accept claim Form 10D-UAN with immediate effect subject to the following conditions:

a) The AADHAR Number and the Bank A/c number of the employee are seeded as and digitally verified by the employer.

b) All the details of the employee are available in Form No. 11.

c) A cancelled cheque containing the name of the employee, Bank A/c number and IFS code is attached with the Claim Form.

The employees satisfying above conditions are required to submit Form No. 10D-UAN, directly to the respective jurisdictional Employees’ Provident Fund Office. The attestation of employers on such claim Form 10D-UAN is not required.

EPFO Circular No. Pension.I/7(1)96/Forms/7429 dt 24 June 2016

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