Single Registration under 5 Labour Laws (ESIC, EPFO, BOCW, CLA & ISMW)

Common Registration or Unified Registration for 5 Labour Acts – (ESIC, EPFO, BOCW, CLA & ISMW)

EBiz GoI has started a new joined up / composite service which enables the applicants to fill up a common / unified form for registration under 5 Labour Laws (‘ESIC, EPFO, BOCW, CLA, and ISMW’) and the same is then routed by the EBiz GoI portal to the respective department for necessary processing, registration and issuance of Registration Certificates to concerned applicants in due course.

Simply we can say that complexities of compliances under various Labour Laws are being relaxed for ease of doing business in India as we can witness from ‘Single Return for 8 Labour Laws’, ‘Single Application form for Registration under 5 Labour Laws’, etc. which were pending for very long time.

For further details on pre-requisites for unified / single registration under various labour laws, applicable fee, forms, instructions, etc., please visit the Ebiz Portal of GoI.

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