SSA for PF Exemption between India and Australia

Social Security Agreement between the Republic of India and Australia for PF Exemption

The EPFO has notified vide Circular dt 16th March 2016 that the Social Security Agreement (SSA) between India and Australia has entered into force with effect from 01-01-2016.

The agreement provides for detachment, totalisation and portability. Under the detachment clause, the employees of one country deputed by their employers to the other country on short-term assignment are exempted from Social Security contribution in that country up to a period of 60 months. However, such exemption can be availed on the basis of ”Certificates of Coverage.”

In view of above, concerned employee through employer may apply for the ”Certificate of Coverage” in the prescribed format (copy enclosed).

EPFO Circular dt 16th March 2016 SSA India Australia

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