Sub-Users’ Access to e-Invoices and E-Waybills Simplified

Managing e-Invoices and e-Waybills is now simpler than ever with enhanced access options for sub-users. The main user can effortlessly grant access to generated e-Invoices and authorize various actions like viewing, canceling and generating e-Waybills. This streamlined process empowers both main users and sub-users to collaborate effectively while maintaining control.

Sub-Users' Access to e-Invoices and E-Waybills Simplified

Main User to Allow Access

The process begins with the main user, who can conveniently select the “Update Sub-user” option tab. Within this tab, a list of sub-users is presented, allowing the main user to designate specific access permissions. An intriguing addition is the “Access to the IRNs of the Main User” option. This unique feature enables the main user to decide whether to extend access to Invoice Reference Numbers (IRNs) generated under their authority to the sub-users.

Empowering Sub-Users

Should the main user opt to grant IRN access to sub-users, they can mark “Yes” for this option. Alongside this, the main user can also choose to enable one or more additional functionalities, including cancellation, viewing reports and e-Waybill generation. This dynamic approach ensures that the main user has granular control over the extent of access and capabilities granted to the sub-users.

A Practical Example

Suppose the main user selects “Yes” for “Enable Access to IRNs of Main User” and also activates “Enable e-Invoice Cancellation.” In this case, the sub-user gains the ability not only to access IRNs generated by the main user but also to cancel them. This showcases the flexibility and adaptability of the system, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of users.


The enhanced access options for sub-users represent a significant advancement in managing e-Invoices and e-Waybills. By offering a clear and efficient process for granting access and defining privileges, this new system fosters collaboration and empowers users at every level. Whether it’s granting access to IRNs, allowing cancellation or facilitating e-Waybill generation, this streamlined approach is poised to make the processes more seamless than ever.

E-Invoice Portal Update dated 09/08/2023: Sub-Users’ Access to e-Invoices and E-Waybills Simplified

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