Transporter Id (TRANSIN) Verification in e-Waybills System: NIC Advisory

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) has issued an advisory regarding verification of transporter IDs in the e-waybill system. This post summarizes the key issues and recommendations.

Transporter Id (TRANSIN) Verification in e-Waybills System: NIC Advisory

Categories of Transporters

There are 3 categories of transporters in the e-waybill system:

i) GST Registered Transporters: Obtained GSTIN through GST portal registration;

ii) Enrolled Transporters: Not GST registered, obtained TRANSIN via e-waybill portal enrollment; and

iii) Common Enrolled Transporters: GST registered with multiple GSTINs, obtained common TRANSIN for all GSTINs.

Issue with Transporter ID Verification

Some automated ERP/GSP/ASP/SAP systems are only verifying GSTINs using the Get GSTIN Details API. This fails for enrolled and common enrolled transporters.The Get TRANSIN Details API can verify these other transporter IDs, but some systems don’t call it if Get GSTIN Details fails.

Recommended Solution

The advisory recommends calling both APIs:

i) First call Get GSTIN Details

ii) If invalid, call Get TRANSIN Details

iii) Then conclude transporter ID status

Similarly, use the Transporters search in e-waybill portal, not just Taxpayers. This covers all transporter categories.

Key Takeaways

i) Use both Get GSTIN Details and Get TRANSIN Details APIs

ii) Call Get TRANSIN Details if Get GSTIN Details returns invalid

iii) Search Transporters in e-waybill portal, not just Taxpayers

iv) This verifies all transporter ID types – GSTIN, TRANSIN, common TRANSIN

Properly verifying transporter IDs is crucial for enrolled and common enrolled transporters. Following the NIC advisory guidelines will ensure accurate verification across all transporter categories.

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