GSTN Advisory on Geocoding Functionality for Additional Business Locations

The GSTN has informed the taxpayers about the activation of ‘geocoding functionality’ for “Additional Places of Business” across all States and Union Territories. This follows the introduction of the feature for principal business locations in February 2023.

GSTN Advisory on Geocoding Functionality for Additional Business Locations

The GSTN has successfully geocoded over 2.05 crore addresses associated with the principal and additional places of business. Since March 2022, all new addresses are automatically geocoded at registration to maintain uniformity and accuracy from the outset.

A brief guide by GSTN on using this feature:

i) Accessing: Navigate to Services -> Registration -> Geocoding Business Addresses on the FO portal.

ii) Usage: The system will present a pre-generated geocoded address. You can either accept it or amend it as required. If no pre-generated address is available, the system allows for manual input of the geocoded address.

iii) Viewing saved geocodes: Saved geocoded addresses can be viewed under the “Geocoded Places of Business” tab. After logging in, go to My Profile -> Geocoded Places of Business.

iv) One-time Submission: This is a one-time task. Once submitted, address revisions will not be allowed. If you’ve already geocoded your address during new registration or core amendment, there’s no need for additional action on the GST portal. Changes to the address on your registration certificate can only occur through the core amendment process. Note, the geocoding feature has no impact on earlier saved addresses.

v) Eligibility: All categories of taxpayers including normal, composition, SEZ units, SEZ developers, ISD, and casual taxpayers irrespective of their active, suspended, or cancelled status can access this feature.

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